Richmond Home
Associate Professor of Biology
Coordinator, Neuroscience Program
Molecular Physiology
Ion Channels
Associate Professor of Psychology
Chair, Department of Psychology
Object recognition
Cognitive and neural mechanisms of the development and loss of perceptual expertise across the
Organization of semantic knowledge
Category specificity in cognitively intact and impaired individuals
Face recognition
Professor of Biology
Chair, Department of Biology
Gene Regulation and Gene Networks
Evolutionary and Developmental Biology
Genomics and Bioinformatics
Professor of Behavioral Neuroscience
Experience-based Neuroplasticity
Neurobiology of Parental Behavior
Neurobiological Impact of Natural-Enriched Environments
Effective Coping Strategies and Emotional Resilience
Comparative Animal Behavior
Assistant Professor of Biology
Cell Biology
Cytoskeleton/molecular motors
Quantitative fluorescence microscopy
Associate Professor of Biology
Cell and Molecular Biology
Regulation of the inflammatory response/macrophage activity
Associate Professor of Biology
Genetic and Molecular Basis of Neurodegenerative Diseases
Drosophila models